Before you look at these video’s you need to understand it is like skype, instead of using a screen made with liquid crystal, I just use the crystal, instead of viewing someone from this world, I view someone from another world, they would not be trying to communicate if they were hostile,   all photo’s and video’s are taken with a digital camera, what you see is true!  more info on link below:  recent photos .              please note : these video’s need to be viewed on a smaller screen and are clearer with UV sunglasses.  You may have to adjust your screen size until you see the same image that appears in the thumbnail before you play Video.  enjoy!

THIS IS IT!  You Have to watch these Video’s:    Click on Video links

   Video 25791         Video 25551

     Video 1388          Video 0900[1]

   Video 1657[1]        Video 1773

   Video 8661[1]       Video 0328[1]

   Video 0573[1]       Video 0837[1]

Click here :  Link to video’s and photo’s Taken after 19/8/2016

Click here :  Link to more recent photo’s and video’s    Taken before 19/8/2016 recommended  18+ adults only

Click here: most recent Video’s

Link to Special Ancient New Treasure Abundance      CLICK HERE

Product made from an Ancient Recipe.

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